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Fry Guy Southern Homestyle Cuisine is a family owned black business that is centered around great cooking, love family recipes with a southern homestyle flavor. Fry Guy was a name given to me by a close friend because I always use to cook fish and chicken in the early morning hours and he started calling me Fry Guy.  But it didn't start there my cooking was inspired by watching my grandmother cook and helping her clean fish for dinner.  She loved her some fresh fish and I loved her cooking, so I watched her every moved in the kitchen.  Yes, grandma Dorothy "Dottie" Johnson I paid attention. I can also remember growing up in my neighborhood "Lincoln Park" when Mrs. Beet Offutt and Ella Hawkins will sell Friday night dinners  and the whole community would be talking about it and they would sell out so fast because it was that good.  As a child that always stayed in my head of how good the food was when they cooked along with my children grandmother Francis Hawkins whose chicken I would do anything for I mean it was the best.  I can't leave out my mom who made the best old bay chicken ever the Queen B.  As time went on my passion grew for cooking on the grill  and watching people enjoy eating my food, from having the fish fry's  on the football field for coach Rob Hill (RIP), holidays and selling dinners for my Germantown Hardknocks Basketball AAU program.  Cooking at coach Big Dog house after a great season or tournament and seeing how it bought everyone to gather in  love and happiness, I knew I was going to open a restaurant one day.  I use to tell my son one day were going to have our own restaurant and here it is Fry Guy Southern Homestyle Cuisine.  GOD IS GOOD



Fry Guy Southern Homestyle Cuisine aim to please our customers with the highest quality of service and food. We will always put the customer first and making sure that all our food is made with love. 


Fry Guy Southern Homestyle Cuisine envision to open more establishments throughout the DMV area to help create more jobs and opportunity for our people.

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